A Guide to Air Injection Systems

Air injection is an emission control strategy used in auto mobile to increase the combustion of gases reducing emission of exhaust gases. Fresh air is introduced to combustion chambers to allow full combustion of exhaust gases. The advancement in technology has influenced the mechanism that is used in developing injection system. Oxygen is introduced in the system to increase the rate of combustion of the gases reducing the volumes that are emitted. Other system introduce the use of catalyst to speed up combustion. more  home page

The system uses air pumps fitted around the engine. The pumps have filters to exclude dust particles that may damage the system. Air is injected slowly to the system through check valves that prevents exhaust gas from entering the system reducing chances of damage on components. Diverting valves are used to prevent explosions from raw fuels which may result form startling. The valves detects decrease intake in the vacuums and diverts the air to the atmosphere.
The system has modified recently to use aspirated air injections. This is achieved through negative pressure impulse created on the exhaust system. Aspirator valve is fitted in the exhaust system to draw air from the form the clean side of the system. The air is driven to the catalytic converter form where it oxides exhaust gases allowing full combustion. The mechanism is inexpensive due to its weight and simplicity. more  sais bypass kit

Companies like Toyota have introduced air injection system to the models of their vehicles. Toyota Tundra which is among the latest models by Toyota is fitted with air injection system. Recently the system has been experiencing problems due to moisture settling in the pumps. This has prompted the company to introduce warranties for the pumps. The system is meant to enhance cold start emission and has no effect on the engine system. This has led to introduction of more competent systems. The other parts which are introduced in the system are meant to reduce the condensation of moisture in the vacuums. This increases the effectiveness of the system despite it not being a permanent solution.
There is no perfect system with a perfect mechanism hence car owners should be ready for search experiences. Getting good spare parts is key towards maintaining the system. In case you need to replace an injection system for Toyota cars visit the outlets in your region to get the original parts. Air injection systems are meant to reduce effects of exhaust gases in the atmosphere. This has led to decrease in global warming and climate change. Get your automobile air injection system to reduce air pollution. view   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_air_injection